EMAK Elevator which has proved its expertise and quality in this field with many references in the production of special stretchers and patient elevators for hospitals, offers special solutions for hospitals.

EMAK, applies the most efficient high-tech experiences of hospital elevator in the range of 16 kHz(16000 signals per second).

It provides economical low energy consumption with its smooth and quiet travel.

EMAK always provides comfort and security to you. EMAK is the most innovative, versatile and safe elevator administrative system. Smart module CPU; it is useful for controlling views, analyzes and single multiple different types of lifts. The elevator system provides smooth, quiet and trouble-free travel.


  • Çetinsaya Hastanesi
  • E.Ü. Kalp Hastanesi
  • Hayat Hastanesi
  • Melikgazi Hastanesi
  • Ömür Kliniği
  • Sevgi Hastanesi
  • Seydi Burhanettin Sağlık Ocağı
  • Hüma Hastanesi
  • Avrupa Hastanesi
  • Dünya Hastanesi
  • Kayseri Göz Hastanesi
  • Erkam Klinik
  • İlahiyat Sağlık Ocağı
  • Magnet hastanesi (Kayseri)
  • Uzman diş
  • Dentalpark diş Kayseri
  • Ibni Sina hastanesi
  • Hayat hastanesi
  • Ömür hastanesi
  • Kızılay