Emak elevators make design, production and installation of elevators in accordance with your requests and needs. It provides more spacious interior space with its high ceiling and one piece of natural granite.Full electronic overload system provides elevators to last longer.Without exceeding the overload limit of the cabin, safe movement and a stop on the required floor is ensured.A full-length photocell provides safety to the highest level, preventing unwanted accidents.Computerized LCD screen makes your elevator journey enjoyable.EMAK Cabinets are produced on CNC machines without errors. Quiet and long lasting. With LED lighting systems, there is no sound and heat, energy saving. It has a full-size cabin button for the most comfortable ease of use.Laminated glass models in different colors, stylish designs, panoramic cabin that is not hidden in the well, and patterned-satin stainless cabins with hygienic usage have esb paint options offering economical solutions. It offers the most appropriate and rational solutions that allow the elevator to be used as a design element contributing to the building architecture.It’s easy to use and clear floor indicators thanks to non-standard special design buttons and variable door sizes depending on architecture.